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Hello. We are HEAT London, the premier destination for hospitality consultancy and bespoke recruitment.

We have always prided ourselves on our particularly painstaking process for finding the highest-quality and best-suited candidates.

For any restaurant that’s new to us, an indispensable initial step that’s integral to our uniquely personalised service is the four-hour kitchen visit by one of our leading chef consultants. This allows us to garner as much insight as possible into the talent that’s the best fit for your restaurant.

"A fantastic recruitment company that has moulded my early career and continues to support my business to this day"

Tom Kerridge - The Hand and Flowers 2*Michelin 2012

Satisfaction guaranteed...

To ensure that you’re completely satisfied, the next step – unique to Heat London – is a day’s free trial with the talent we’ve proposed for you.

If you’re looking for temporary staff, Heat again goes that extra mile by providing two references and a photograph for each candidate, together with a guarantee of successful completion of the Level 2 Food Hygiene course.

For our retainer clients, our list of services extends to advertising and consultancy for restaurant openings.  We are also renowned for staffing and managing pop-up restaurant operations.

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